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About the Luthier

Hi, I'm Jason Lindsey

Welcome to my website.  I am a one-man shop located in the high mountains of Flagstaff, AZ.  While the size of my operation limits my output of instruments, it allows me to focus keenly on the quality and details of every guitar that leaves my shop. I am able to work one-on-one with my clients throughout the build process.   


I love the creative process of designing and building a new guitar.  Every guitar that leaves my shop has its own distinct personality in design, looks, and sound.  Whether it is a theme dictated by my client, or a design I've dreamed up in my own head, every guitar I build is unique.  I truly love to work closely with my customers to make their dream guitar a reality.  

Photograph by: Max Mascolo

Have any questions? Or maybe a crazy, outlandish idea for an instrument?  Please contact me because I want to hear about it!  

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